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We get many inquires about Golf Cart maintenance. Our official position is simple; Golf Cart maintenance should only be performed by trained and authorized personnel.  With that said, anyone working on a Golf Cart, even for routine maintenance, should purchase a repair manual for his or her specific Golf Cart. Never attempt to do anything on your Golf Cart unless you have been trained and qualified. Ask your Golf Cart dealer for proper instructions. Do not rely only on what you read and see on the Internet. It can be DANGEROUS!

Batteries in your Golf Cart require maintenance. One important warning is that batteries, when charging or discharging, emit EXPLOSIVE hydrogen gas. Do not smoke, have an open flame, sparks, or any ignition source near lead / acid batteries.  Do not charge batteries in a closed area without proper ventilation. The individual cells of the batteries need distilled water added periodically. Call your Golf Cart dealer for instructions. A deep cycle battery should be recharged before it reaches 50% of discharge, optimal 20% discharge.

Below are two videos about battery construction you may find of interest. The first video is on the deep cycle lead / acid batteries used in Golf Carts. The second is on the superior Lithium Ion batteries used in the hybrid vehicles being manufactured. In a third video, about battery maintenance for golf carts, we will do a short critique that is important. You may be surprised what they don't tell you!
How deep cycle lead / acid battery are manufactured
Lithium Ion batteries construction
Below is a video on Golf Cart battery maintenance. We do not endorse any videos. We respect a person's right to choose the level of safety risk he or she desires. We provide the following suggestions in addition to what we previously stated:

1) Remove your watch and jewelry
2) Wear safety glasses and a full face shield
3) Ensure that all body parts are covered with appropriate clothing
   (a rain suit works well)
4) Choose proper gloves that are acid resistant
5) Work near a source of running water such as a garden hose
6) It is best to use complete rubber coated tools
7) In case of any contact with battery acid remove affected clothing
and immediately flush skin and/or eyes with fresh clean running water for at least 15 minutes. Call 911 emergency personnel if needed.
Warning: Some videos you find on the internet
are missing important safety information.
The 36 and 48 volt electricial systems used in Golf Carts are much different than 12 volt systems found in most automobiles.
Contact your dealer for Golf Cart service.
The away from home charging station