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Golf Cart & LSV Safety : On And Off The Course
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"For anyone who operates a golf cart, this safety video and training program will make a difference.  The presentation and participation in this one course, we believe, will help save lives, prevent accidents and reduce injuries. 
Don’t ride off without it…”

Robert Edwards, Executive Director,
National Golf Cart Association

Training Program From DuPont Sustainable Solutions

Golf carts aren’t just for the links anymore. 
Many organizations are taking advantage of these and other low-speed vehicles for easy transportation.  With the increase of usage comes an increase of potential incidents and an increased need for training employees on the safe use and operation of these vehicles.

Produced in conjunction with the National Golf Cart Association, DuPont Sustainable Solutions’ new 
Golf Cart & LSV Safety: On And Off The Course 
is a must-see for anyone who operates a golf cart 
or other low speed vehicle!

This new program alerts your employees to the dangers associated with operating golf carts and LSVs and suggests basic rules and tips for safe operation.

Often confused as harmless recreation vehicles because of their small size and low speed, they are anything but, in fact thousands of incidents occur every year, many of which are serious and sometimes even fatal.

Help your employees steer clear of the hazards!  Simply click on the Golf Cart & LSV Safety: On And Off The Course 
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Golf Cart & LSV Safety: On And Off The Course
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